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Commitment. Innovation. Service of common good.

Network opportunities

Connect with peers, partners, clients, suppliers, and investors who share your interests in tech. Expand your network and unlock exciting business opportunities and collaborations.

Learning & events

Elevate your expertise! Join us for workshops, seminars, and webinars that cover diverse topics like marketing, finance, leadership, and technology

Business promotion

Our members can showcase their businesses through events, publications, and online platforms. This boosts visibility and attracts potential customers!

Grow professionally

Grow personally and professionally by engaging with seasoned entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts in our community. Gain insights and inspiration from their wealth of experience.


We provide our members with valuable resources like mentorship, business tools, and ecosystem integration in South Africa

Industry insights

Stay Ahead with Industry Insights: Access trends, data, and sector-specific insights for informed decisions and competitive edge

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