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Greentech ecosystem
Greentech ecosystem
Planet Made of Plastic

Greentech Ecosystem Exchange

We aim to facilitate exchanges between South Africa and France in the fields of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. To reach this objective, we are organizing this Greentech Ecosystem Exchange to connect greentech startups, thereby placing the environmental impact of technology at the heart of our approach.

With the Greentech Ecosystem Exchange we aim to connect greentech startups both from South Africa and from France (remote) to strenghen our connections and work together for a greener planet.

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Greentech Ecosystem Exchange - Kickoff

These two events brought together Greentech stakeholders for an interactive session, using a game format to pinpoint challenges faced by the Greentech ecosystem in South Africa 🌿 A special thanks to Schneider Electrics & AfricaWorks for hosting!

💡 Here are some of the findings of the event:

1️⃣ Needs for meeting corporations:
Startups aspire to connect with mid to large scale corporations for leads and collaboration opportunities.

2️⃣ Identified challenges:
Participants highlighted common challenges such as funding , market access, talent, scalability, compliance, procurement, sourcing, access to skilled people, access to resources, access to government to drive regulation or safety.
We're refining our focus with this input to tailor our programme accordingly.

3️⃣ Market opportunities:
Some of the opportunities that have been mentioned and that will be analysed going forward are: waste management, construction, nuclear, mining, agri, biodiversity, water resources management, electric mobility, hydrogen economy, hemp solutions, bioproducts, smart cities & infrastructure, ecotourism.

4️⃣ FR SA Collaboration:
We're extending our approach to France's Greentech ecosystem in order to unlock potential business growth and opportunities for SA companies. Some reasons to collaborate have been shared by participants, such as hemp solutions, exchange of info, markets intel, skills, innovation, growth, funding access, employment, business synergies, etc.


We embarked on a journey of discovery of the South African Green Tech ecosystem through this unique and interactive game designed to raise the challenges and the opportunities Greentech stakeholders face.

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